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Good quality HIFU Machine for sales
Good quality HIFU Machine for sales
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Diode Laser 650nm 670nm Laser Hair Growth Machine Hair Extension Device

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Detailed Product Description
Light Source: 670nm,650nm Output Power: 495*5mW
Spot Area: (65+240+3*150) Cm2 Irradiation Type: Continuous And Pulse
High Light:

laser hair growth devices


laser hair loss treatment

newest Diode Laser 650nm y 670nm Anti Hair growth and hair extension Machine/hair growth device

1. Anti-hair loss, Hair regrowth

2.Effectively stimulating the hair follicles,
3.Regulating the oil secretion, accelerating hair growth

670nm+650nm Hair Regrowth Module :


Intended use:

Preventing hair loss, effectively stimulating the hair follicles,regulating the oil secretion, accelerating hair

growth, enhancing hair strength, density and elasticity, so as to make hair black and shiny.



Treatment Theory :

Promoting the absorption of nutrients Laser penetrability cannot be matched by any chemical liquid or drugs. It overcomes the weaknesses that  chemical hair restorers can’t fully penetrate into hair root. Laser irradiation can open the hair follicles to

helpful for drug absorption. Its thermal effect increases skin temperature, reduces ability of sympathetic nerve,releases vasoactive substance, expands blood vessels, accelerates blood flow, improves blood circulation, activates metabolism,increases oxygen supply, improves conditions of blood and oxygen supply in focal area, induces regeneration ability of cell, inhibits developing of inflammation and makes it localized, accelerates the repairing of lesions. Promoting blood circulation of the scalp

improving production ability of collagen fibers, stimulating metabolism.


Laser light could increase the activity of adenosine triphosphate (APT) in subcutaneous tissues. As a dominant medium for intercellular transport, APT promotes metabolism, which means laser light could  promote blood circulation and supply hair follicle with oxygen and nutrients, so as to prevent hair loss.



1. Laser beam with strong penetrability could reach deeper hair root; its efficacy is far beyond LED



2. Wavelength: unique combination of 670nm+650nm wavelengths, more excellent treatment effect; the

treatment effect is far beyond the effect of separated 630nm, 650nm, 670nm or 650nm wavelength.


3. Ergonomic design; precisely target treatment tissue; 495 lasers are evenly distributed in 5 treatment

panels, to guarantee uniform irradiation on each area of head.



Main Parameters:
Light Source:

670nm laser(360 diode laser), 650nm laser(135 diode laser)

Output Power:           495*5mW
Spot Area:                 (65+240+3*150) cm2
Irradiation Type:         continuous and pulse

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